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Dumbo's Feather

                                       Dumbo’s Feather

Dumbo flies through the air with his magic feather, unhindered by doubt, then he looses the feather, and no longer believes he can fly. He falls! The mouse must confess the  lie, “It was not a magic feather! I tricked you! Believe in yourself - you can fly. Just try!”

It is easy to conjure up fabulous talismans, paint pictures of Gods and Saints, write in mysterious languages, make Sigils from tablets or the rose-cross, combine things or ideas such as an eagles head on a lions body, or amalgamate sentences in to one sigil. That part is easy, but it is our belief in the talisman that makes it vital. The dollar works because we believe in it, why? because the government of  great Energy has given it power. How do we invest our object with a sense of validity?

That is where the conversation turns to Spirit and certainty. We must give our object the stamp of certitude. To make it credible we must charge it with Spirit. To call forth this Spirit we raise ourselves to the level of creative genius. In this heightened creative state we take a possibility from the dark and bring it to life. Think of the talisman created by the magus Picasso which hangs at the UN. It is a talisman of peace. It had to be turned around when the evil sorcerer George Bush came to declare war on Iraq.

Making something believable is where the Magick is at. We must consecrate it with love. Love brings forth the living Spirit. With the burning love of our hearts we dedicate our object to its purpose. The novelist establishes his intent, as he gives a magic feather to each of his readers and they fly away to never never.

It is the part about uniting a free belief to an organic desire, which we are referring. To be believable the power must be unconscious. The actor is not believable if he is self-conscious.  It is the unconsciousness of the hypnotised we are after. The Trance of the Yogi. We go to a movie or read a novel, in the process we suspend our belief and allow emotion, thus we become gripped and spell bound. Emotion is organic desire. A man convinced he will succeed, will succeed, and he who fears failure - fails.

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Dumbo's feather


I need a Dumbo's feather;)
No seriously ...I enjoyed that perspective

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Dumbo's Feather

I need a Dumbo's feather....
No seriously i enjoyed tthat Perspective