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Chianti Rufina   Frescobaldi Nippozzano
This trip was made possible by Twin Liquors and Folio Fine Wine Partners with a special thanks to the Serego Alighieri, Masi, and Frescobaldi families for the hospitality, food, and incredible VINO! On the trip:Gina Della Vedova – Folio Fine Wine PartnersAl Jabour - Twin Liquors Ross Jackson –...
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We all say good-bye hundreds of thousands of times in our lives, and many of them are to people, places or things that we really do not wish to see go. But there are the good good-byes, the farewells to things that you have outgrown or changed your mind about, and in these departures we usually...
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Writing has always been a solo act for me. It comes from the soul, or mind, or both, and how could that be anything but an individual endeavor? I had worked on various projects with other writers, both in college and post graduation, and it had always been the same; two egos unable to take, only...
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Some of my friends call me old-fashioned. Most of my writing is done by hand. Hand written works do not get deleted in a single stroke, I tell them. You cannot always type by candlelight if the power is out. It is true, handwritten pages can be lost or ruined, they can become a wordy snack for a...
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