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Favorite Books

Roman history. The complete series by Colleen McCullough, 'First Man in Rome' to the final book, 'Anthony & Cleopatra'. The three historical re-creation of Rome's famous legions by Stephen D. Collins, P. Matyszak's two books, 'Ancient Rome on Five Denara a Day' and 'The Chronicles of the Roman Republic'. Works of M. Grant, H.G. Wells, J.B. Bury, all the great writers of Roman antiquity. Historical works of John Toland, Robert V. Remini, Kenneth S. Davis, Gore Vidal, Tom D. Crouch, Barry Goldwater, James A. Michener, the list is endless. As for other subjects, Isaac Asimov, James Blish, Jules Verne, Arthur Heiline, Edgar R. Burroughs, here to the material is endless...

What I'm Reading

As of this time 10/5/08, Michael C. Ford's 'The Ten Thousand', a novel of ancient Greece based upon the writings of Xenophon and the wars with the Persians. After this I have a book on Henry Ford by Robert Lacey, 'Ford...The Man and the Machine'. When this is done, someone gave me a book by Saddam Hussein, 'Zabiba and the King', a love story. Beyond this is unknown grounds, terra incognatious.

Favorite Authors

Colleen McCullough, M. Grant, James A. Michener, Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, just to name a few.


Ancient history, the current events of today and science influence my work, not to mention a bit of Divine inspiration.