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Yin America,Yan Russia And Stories Of The Cosmic Triangle

This blog is a continuation in my series on the pyramids,the Mayan long count and Stonehenge.I won't bother explaining things that I have already gone through,sorry.

Levi Strauss and Ferdinand Saussure were two famous exponents of structuralism and binary theory.(see my blogs ''A New Paradigm 1'' and'' A New Pa radigm 11'').So that if the cosmic triangle,the ''yin''(Join the 3 points:Mayas,Stonehenge and Giza Pyramids), points to the Americas,signifying a world power,then there has to be a ''yan'' cosmic triangle on the opposite side.Form another triangle using the Stonehenge/Pyramids as the common side of both triangles.Make the ''yan'' triangle equal to the ''yin'' triangle.Both triangles should add up to a parallelogram.The ''yan cosmic triangle points to Russia.Russia is the ideological opposite to America.The second triangle also cuts through China.China and Russia are competitors with America.The second triangle contains an energy that is the antithesis of the first.

My next blog may just blow you out of the sky.Stay tuned.