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Writing on the Internet(My Experiences)

I have been writing on the internet for five years now.It's been quite exciting,to say the least.I have a mixed portfolio online.It just evolved this way.I was actually pushed onto the net  five years ago.I felt that I was being pushed out while at university during my MPHIL studies.At university,especially where I studied in the Caribbean,there is a lot of politics.I won't elaborate right now,though!

Anyway,I started uploading poems at poemhunter.com.There was a good response so I continued posting poetry there.I wanted to be known as a poet so at that time I thought poemhunter offered the best design/layout/presentation for my anthology.There was a certain amount of communication among poets at that site which I found to be stimulating.

I soon joined the Redroom.com which is a colony of writers online.This association has proven to be very rewarding for me as I was able to build up my writing portfolio here.There was room for my poetry and also my university essays.I also started a regular blog in the redroom which I still update on a regular basis four years later.I have also started writing poetry on a regular basis here.I feel very comfortable in the Redroom and I have many readers.I also read other writers' work in the Redroom.There are many exciting writers.

I think that writing online has been a tremendous opening and boost for me as I continue to grow and develop.It gives me a great amount of satisfaction knowing that I have a daily readership and that other students can read some of my university essays on Derek Walcott,Frantz Fanon,John Milton and others.My poem celebrating Queen Elizabeth ll's Diamond Jubilee ,along with my recent offering:''A Song for Elizabeth,the Queen'', appears here also.

So even though I didn't plan it this way,this is how it is.Writing on the internet is such fun,you should start building your portfolio too!


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a poem

Enoch,  Haven't been in touch for some time but re-reading your blog just now prompted me to put a poem on RR. I'm not a poet like you and certainly not like Milton who you mentioned. I'm a fiction writer and occasionally knock out a poem. If I think it's worthless I dump it. However, I'm about to post one as a blog so if you want to check it out it's called In The Meantime.

-------- Charlie