where the writers are

Writing,to me ,is such a joy.I love writing.I have self-published a volume of poetry mostly because I wish to be known as a poet.So far I have not won any awards,but then,I still write because I love writing.Whether I get awards or not , I intend to keep producing.I want to be among the greats.

To write good poetry I must be inspired.Sometimes,as with everything else this inspiration does not always come when you want it.As a consequence the wastepaper basket has received a lot of my work.This ,to me is part of the process of being a poet.I write on napkins at Rituals or Starbucks depending upon where I am at the moment.If I believe that I have written something of value then I begin rewriting it in my scrap book.From the scrapbook stage I finally bring the poem into a manuscript.Some of my major influences are Homer,Dante,Shakespeare,the Holy Bible and Nobeln Laureate Derek Walcott.