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World Civilizations and the Cosmic Energy Fields[CEF's];The Mystic Key

A cursory glance at the major world civilizations can reveal a startling discovery.They all lie within the Cosmic Energy Fields[CEF],FORMED BY THE TRIANGULATION OF THE THREE COSMIC POINTS,viz,.Stonehenge,the Great Pyramid of Giza and the pre-Columbian Mayan pyramids.[read my articles in redroom.com on the ''Cosmic Pyramids''].After joining these three points,using Stonehenge and Egypt as your base you then draw another triangle pointing East,which cuts through China and points to Russia.This triangle pointing East completes the quadrilateral.The entire quadrilateral[yin and yan]constitutes the CEF on the ground ,so to speak.I am saying that the major civilizations of all time were/are either within these walls of the CEF or close by.

Ancient Egypt---circa 3000 BC and peaking during the New Kingdom in the Ramessidic period,was situated within this CEF.So too were Classical Greece[5-4th century BC];Ancient Rome which ruled the world for a thousand years;Great Britain during its Empire era;the Mayas,a Mesoamerican civilization famous for its ''long count'', mathematical formulae and its pyramids;America aka USA,China and Russia.

These civilizations were/are energized by the cosmic energy that was contained within these CEF's.

The joining of these three Points of Power(P.O.P)(Stonehenge,Giza Pyramid and the Mayan Pyramid) creates the Master Key Or the Mystic Key that holds the secrets of the world civilizations.