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The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis on Wall Street

Ever wondered what language is spoken on Wall Street?Or whether or not the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis could be applied there and what effect its application might have?Well, if you happened to have seen ''Wall Street'' with Michael Douglas,then you might understand when I say that the language spoken on the Street is money.Yes,money!

Sapir and Whorf argued  that the grammatical categories of different languages lead their speakers to think about things in particular ways[Kottak,p.117]

Gender exists in English.The third person singular pronouns of English[he,she;him,her;his,her] distinguish gender.Kottak argues further that a fully developed noun-gender and adjective-agreement system,as in French and other Romance languages[la belle fille,le beau fils]does not.[Kottak,p.117].

What Kottak is saying is that the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis  seems to suggest that English speakers pay more attention  to the differences  between males and females as do the speakers of  French and other Romance languages.

Is it that we have come to associate the machinations of Wall Street mostly in terms of masculinity,hence the terms''bull'' and ''bear''?If there was an injection into the lexicon of more ''inputs'' of French,Spanish and Romance languages,would this alter the language on Wall Street sufficiently so as to change the pervading culture? Would this result in a toning down of sorts,a softening,maybe?A more moderate,less agressive approach?