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The Mind

In some quarters the mind is seen as'' the womb of the spirit''.Many great minds have walked this world .Some of them are listed here.

(1) Albert Einstein.

(2) Isaac Newton.

(3) Dante Alighieri




(7)Nelson Mandela

(8)Mahatma Ghandi

(9)Indira Ghandi

(10)Elizabeth 11

(11) Dr Martin Luther King

(12)C.L.R James



(15)Leonardo da Vinci

(16) Cervantes

(17)Abraham Lincoln

(18) J.F.K Kennedy

(19)Winston Churchill

(20)Dr Eric Eustace Williams


''The mind,once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas,never returns to its original size''---Oliver Wendell Holmes,Physician (1809-1894).