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The Beauty of a Lady's Smile

Probably not as enigmatic as the lady da Vinci venerated,

There's this special lady who makes me feel

Like a million dollars,for when she laughs,

There is this  complete  transformation,

As when a flower of the kitchen garden opens up,

Its beautiful petals revealing to the world

Its hidden appeal and loveliness.


Or it's like the sweet dew of Dawn ,

Before its transformation,it trembles

In resplendent delight then evaporates,

Touched by sun's timorous rays.


If she smiled or laughed more often,

She would become a beacon of sorts

To ease the pain and tension

That bedevils us,for a smile

Has more power than even pills.


When this lady's smile touches you,

It is no specious or trite thing,

Not a fallacious smile that stares back

From the cover of Vogue magazine,

But it can expunge the negatives.

Yes,there is a rainbow after the rainstorm,

And does not the gaeity of spring ,

Become the lysis of wintry's scowl?