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Temporary Structures and Cultural Anthropology

After the 2008 Wall Street crisis  and after reading an article by Sir Courtnay Blackman[see my blog titled''The Collapse of the World Financial Systems'',I saw the distinct possibility of applying Temporary Structures[T/S] towards the formulation  of a new system to support the global socio-economic order.

So I had to turn to the discipline of cultural anthropology to begin to understand how to.



Something had gone drastically wrong on Wall Street.It had to do presumably with the pervading financial and economic culture on Wall Street and by extension the culture itself.For the former might be seen as subsets of the actual culture that dominated Wall Street itself.

Prof. Conrad Phillip Kottak in his book''Cultural Anthropology'' proffers the following definitions.

ANTHROPOLOGY is the exploration of human diversity in time and space.Anthropology studies the whole of the human condition; past,present and future;biology,society,language and culture[3].

CULTURES are traditions and customs,transmitted through learning,that govern the beliefs and behavior of the people exposed to them[4].

A CULTURE produces a degree of consistency in behavior and thought among the people who live in a particular society[4].

KOTTAK says further that the academic discipline of anthropology,includes four main disciplines,chief of which is sociocultural anthropology which he calls cultural anthropology.Cultural anthropology examines cultural diversity of the present and recent past.

It is important for us to understand,therefore, that there was a pervading culture at pre 2008 Wall Street that consisted of a proliferation of derivatives and the wanton management of'' book profits'' so as to maximize bonuses.In other words ,it is safe to say that there existed a culture of GREED on the STREET during this time.