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Telling Stories:A President's Narrative

The minute President Barack Obama talks about'' the presidency  is about telling stories'',there is massive haemorrhaging in the GOP camp.I mean this is serious business here.The president has jumped into the philosophical and literary genre here and this has put the Romney campaign into a tailspin,revealing that there is a fundamental difference between Obama the incumbent and his challenger.What a man reads and reflects upon,he becomes.

Probably Obama is now moving to the ''high ground '' of his campaign,so he pauses and philosophises.What is being revealed here is that Obama is displaying a higher degree of intellectualism than Romney who seems to have his head more buried in tax and money matters(refer to Capital Bain and unfiled tax returns),than in the actual campaign.

The American public understands what Obama is saying.They can appreciate a good story,from Mark Twain's '' Huckerberry Finn'' to the thousands of narratives spawned  on the big screen in Hollywood.O come on Mitt! You have to step up to the plate if you still harbor dreams of becoming America's next President.


And you'll definitely have to read more books,story books and some of the classics if you hope to reduce the intellectual gap between yourself and the prez and you should understand that the American public enjoys a good story,after all it's part of their culture.So that the Presidency is indeed about stories-the stories of their lives.