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Postcolonial Islands

Eating hops and ham and drinking some home made coffee,

And just thinking about what life is really about.

Where does our motivation come from,all 7 billion of us?

We aspire to different stations in life and for each person

His goal is reachable even with these obstacles.

Colon came with his three ships over the tumultous seas,

His canvas triangle of a sail filled with a wind that brought change,

A new civilization, european tongues and  languages

That we grapple with.A new conversation begins

Amid the chaos of colonialism and postcolonialism.

We emerge as a new  and hybrid people,

Flying our own flag but still dancing to the same drums,as

Among these islands where coconut trees  as colonnades

Still guard  our shores we search for our identity,

Among the carnivalesque and the macabre.