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Oprah and Adaptability

The news of the moment is that Oprah Winfrey is to end her  daytime show.Oprah is coming off the air.Michael jackson's passing ,to me, was far more dramatic and shocking.Oprah coming off the air is a straight case of collateral damage  and changing cultures.Of course I empathise with her, but let's get serious.I have been writing all along about how America is in deep trouble and all that and I am not sure if people have been taking me seriously.Oprah's crash is just a continuation of the October  2008 crash on Wall Street.Or ,you may want to read it as collateral damage coming out of last year's stock market crash.

Then there is the case of changing tastes ,changing times,changing cultures.Some of Oprah's people have gone over to cable and Tyra Banks and Ellen.Oprah,like America , must learn how to adapt to changing times and changing situations.I have no doubt though,that the Queen of Talk Shows will bounce back and that this lesson on'' Oprah and adaptability'' will just be another stepping stone on her onward walk up Everest.