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Not so Fast Mr President

Tremors were felt on Capitol Hill yesterday and House members were stunned into silence after a historic vote in the US House of Representatives which saw a 228-205 rejection of President Bush's bailout iniatiative.Congressional leaders from both sides of the political divide had supported the President. This latest repudiation seems to proclaim to Americans and indeed the wider global audience,that a substantial number of House Republicans as well as Democrats are not buying into any quick-fix solution concocted by a desperate incumbent and were- by their decisive action- not ready to ok 700 billion dollars of good money chasing after all that bad money on Wall Street.

These notable voters on the Hill who blocked the Bush measure may have been quite cognizant of the importance of ignoring partisan politics while securing  the interest  of the wider nation.They should be applauded.

Barack Obama needs at least 270 electoral votes out of 538 in the electoral college if he is to be President.Three states, according to the pundits hold the key.These are Florida ,Pennsylvania and Ohio.Among them they account for 68 out of the 147marginal electoral college votes.

Don't forget that tomorrow October 1, the candidates turn the crucial October Corner.See you tomorrow,then God willing.