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Mirror (p80.Cupid's Counsel)

In times of this lonely contemplation far from the urban light,

Thoughts of gravity burden the mind like an albatross,

And all the merriment,like shadows flee from among many,

Yet a phantasmal shadow of time,bathed in a ray of light,

The tantalizing imagery it attempts to project,

Before vanishing like sweet Aurora of the Dawn.In

A state of darkness avidly might some walk,

The phantoms possessing no resplendence,

Only gloomy motifs proliferate,

The illumination leading us out the forests of shadows,

And Euphoria,as fleetingly and as quietly,

From the presence of men departs,before Aurora awakens,


The dawn of light's arrival,Aurora of the Dawn,

Resplendent as an enigma, adorned in her pageantry,

A perennial celebration of glorious freshness.


Have you seen sweet Aurora of the Dawn,my nymph?

O! how she is wont to break forth in the newness of day,


In the metamorphosis of time's orb.Mother  earth gallantly

Dons her majestic apparel as a tapestry,her celebrated bust

Revealing her changing state as the seasons of time,

Flora and fauna mirroring the synergies of creation,

And in wanton ecstasy,the elemental dynamics explode,

Veiling capacious earth as the garment of dawn.