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Meet Kaitlin,Heroine of Connecticut Shooting

Regretably and tragically,these crazy things happen.Somebody  trips off,for a variety of reasons,and the public has to pay for that person's madness.This happened at an Elementary school in Connecticut when a crazed gunman opened fire ,killing  20 children and 6 adults.But an heroine emerges in the person of Ms Kaitlin Roig who barricated herself and her 15 First Graders in a bathroom using courage,faith and a bookshelf.

She comforted the frightened children by hugging,praying and talking to them.Even when the police arrived she did not open the door until she had ensured that they were the good guys.

Ms Roig is just an example of the resilience,bravery,resourcefulness etc. that teachers are made of.I salute her!