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Martin Luther King's Fifty Year Old Dream.

My voice has travelled through the ephemereal spheres of earth,time and space,

Over the Rocky Mountains,Appalachians and the famed Hills of Alabama.

The obelisk in Washington that was named a monument and the pavements and sidewalks,

Even the trees that stood around as men were witnesses on that great day fifty years ago.


The slaves that sang that'' blues'' refrain on the cotton plantation of Alabama,

Two hundred years ago had heard of my reputation but had not yet me.

That black woman who slaved for her mistress on that Louisiana plantation offering her daily toil,

Hadn't  known me for I had not revealed myself to her just yet,


But fifty years ago in Washington,I spoke through my channel,

And how eloquently,prophetically, forcefully, gracefully and poetically did he speak that day,

For on that day I had his attention and that of the teeming crowds.

My name is Freedom and it's only through struggle that you can experience me!