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Liberal/Secular Groups Hold Key to Egypt's Future

In the exotic lands that boast of a Golden Age when Pharoahs like the legendary boy-king Tut to Rameses , Cheops and Cleopatra ruled the land of the pyramids,Egypt has always been immersed in mystery and intrigue.

But these days ,in the land of the Nile,there isn't much mystery.Newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi will soon discover that it will be difficult to transform the country into an Islamic state for a multiplicity of reasons,not least being that half of the country is against this idea.Another reason is that the sidelined liberal and secular groups that were at the forefront of the Tahrir Square demonstrations that toppled the previous regime,may very well hold the key to Egypt's future.Sidelined temporarily,they can easily bounce back with proper organization and funding.

Morsi,then will have to wage an internal battle on three fronts..........

[1]Against the military junta that recently diminished the office of the president.

[2]the pro-Islamist groups who will be demanding that the country become an Islamist state

[3]the liberal /secular groups,who having been robbed of their revolution,would be seeking to retake the high moral ground in Egypt.

How well the new President balances the demands from Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and relations with other Arab countries and Israel,may very well determine if Morsi will become a great transitional leader or be relegated to just a footnote in history.