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Hey Africa!(For President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria)

Hey Africa!What's up?How are you after centuries

Of  admiration by many and exploitation by many?

Hey Africa!Stand tall as Kilimanjaro in Tanzania,as

I breathe the fresh air of Mount Meru and the Bale Mountains.


Hey Africa!I admire your great lions and leopards,

And, Oh!The elephants trumpet the melody

Of your lovely rivers:Nile,Congo,Zambezi and Niger,

For on these waterways kings and commoners have travelled.


Hey Africa!Many peoples have inhabited your lands,

And the names of these great tribes echo from my lips

Like the phonic sounds of a new African alphabet:Igbo,

Oromo,Mandinka,Yoruba,Fula,Akan and Hausa .


Hey Mother Africa!Your lovely brown earth that I smell

Stirs my heart and my emotions in a million ways

And the winds blowing through your forests

Are like the winds stirring my heart,giving me my epiphany.