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Dr Martin Luther King and Barack Obama/Two Dreamers

''I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin  but by the content  of their character.'' Dr Martin Luther King [march on Washington DC August 28 1963.

Joseph,Dante and Beatrice.What,you may ask,do these three  have to do with Barack Obama?I'll try to explain.Probably after I'm finished an epexegesis might be required.Joseph was a dreamer whom his father Jacob had given a coat of many colors.His father publicly scolded him for talking about his dream but privately pondered upon the discourse.His dream came to past years later when he became ruler in Egypt and his brothers came to him seeking food in Egypt,as their own land was experiencing famine.

I first read  of Barack Obama three years ago and I thought at the time that he was a dreamer.A dreamer,perhaps ,as Joseph or Dr Martin Luther King!

Dante Alighieri venerated Beatrice Portineri in ''Vita Nuova'' and ''Divina Commedia''.In the latter he utilizes the journey motif in three stages.Virgil becomes a guide and is representative of human reason.We can gleam that element of ''human reason'' emanating from the speeches of Barack Obama. Of all the speakers in the present milieu,the Illinois Senator appears most touched by human reason,and to me he is closer to Descartes' ''cogito ergo sum'' dictum than either Sarah Palin or John Mc Cain.Secondly Beatrice becomes the representation of the wisdom of faith.Dr King also recognised  the importance of faith for in that most famous of speeches on the march to Washington,1963,he said that''with this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope'' One can also hear a reflection of faith in Senator Obama's speeches.His speeches reveal that he still has faith in the American people.

Dante uses St Bernard who represents wisdom  from on high,in the final stage of the journey. Definitely,this is the wisdom that Barack Obama will need to lead America in these times.