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Carpe Diem

With faith we can climb mountains or even move them,

Whether Kilimanjaro,Everest or the little hills in our lives,

We can shout ''carpe diem'' from the mountain tops,

To echo in a thousand valleys and cities or towns.


With perseverance we can cross oceans or rivers,

Whether Nile,Amazon,Mississippi or Thames,

We can shout ''carpe diem'' from the other shore,

For the journey begins when you pull that first oar.


With patience we wait for that pot of gold at rainbow's end,

Whether poverty,sickness or other burden,

We can shout ''carpe diem'' and circumstance will change,

To experience our ephipany at the end of the tunnel.


With exhuberance we can leap over the tree tops

Whether hail storm,rainy day or overcast sky,

For when we shout ''carpe diem'' our voices will reach heaven,

To touch and even stir the hand of Providence.