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But Still I Sing

Before the  ochre sun sets in the high heavens,

Long before the birds stop their sweet singing,

There is a melody that's hid deep down in my heart,

That yearns to be expressed,to be sung.It's

A song that I learnt a long time ago,

At school when singing was done on evenings,

Sometimes,when our English teacher,

He'd write these songs on the blackboard

And teach us to sing them in his coarse

And croaky voice.''Que sera,sera,

Whatever will be will be'',and so on.


Then on another sunny day we would learn,

''Edelweiss edelweiss'',a song

That I later discovered was sung in a movie,

A  1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical,

With Julie Andrews called ''The Sound of Music'',

This song was sung by Captain Von Trapp


And family as an act of Austrian patriotism,

To  show his defiance at joining Hitler's navy.

So today,I write this poem about this

Song in my heart that I'd love to sing,

But,like my English teacher,my voice

Is coarse and croaky,but still,I sing!