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Blatter's Circus

Opera star Placido Domingo and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger are two persons who,if they value their reputations any,should stay a billion dollars away from any involvement as FIFA's so-called ''wise men''.

Sepp Blatter,fresh from a ''victory'' for a fourth consecutive term as FIFA jefe after a ''no-show'' by Qatar's Mohamed bin Hammam,is now attempting to tranform FIFA into an even larger circus that it already is.

I personally have come to the conclusion that FIFA is corrupt for two basic reasons-[1] It's a money train,plain and simple. and[2]This money train is accountable to no one but FIFA conductors.

If Sepp Blatter is really serious about curbing corruption,then he will have to initiate a change in the laws of the organization to reflect greater tranparency,democracy and accountability.Also he will have to bolster the Ethics Committee by giving it more teeth and more qualified staff.