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Benetton:Art or Criminality

Absolutely shocking and repulsive! Excrusiatingly painfully unartful!Extremely obnoxious and ludicrous! These are some of the phrases I have hurriedly strung together after viewing my newspaper.Italian fashion brand Benetton should be hauled before the International Criminal Court for the images that show President Barack Obama and the Chinese leader Hu Jintao kissing.Germany's Angela Merkel is paired with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the Pope is paired with Shiek Ahmed Mohamed El-Tayeb,an imam from Cairo.Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu are also paired.

In an apparent attempt to make its statement of ''unhate'',Benetton may have overstepped many boundaries of our social conscience.What will the children of our 7 billion world think when they view these puzzling images of our leaders? Doesn't Benetton understand that they are participating in the rampant and insensible destruction of the world's social and spiritual fabric? Is this art or criminality?