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A Changing World (From the Wright Brothers to the Kadarshans)

I marvel at how the world has  so drastically been altered from the world of my childhood.In the world of my childhood,honesty used to be the best policy,while today anything goes for the best policy.Yes,there used to be substance in the world.Today, superficiality has usurped substance as king.And what about truth?Do leaders still tell the truth?People like Abraham Lincoln lived by a different code,where trust was centripetal.What do we have today?Lies ,half truths,innuendos and double speak.It is as if truth has flown to the mountains of the past leaving us stranded in the valleys of the present.

The glitter of stardom ,modernity and wealth has taken centre stage,upstaging the scientist,the academic or the writer.Our new great focus has become the instant gratification and quick fix.America has been transformed into a crucible of instant stardom through some star- judged reality show.It is as if we have given away all our power to pop divas and Hollywood sirens.Thus ,we are not happy until we have felt the pseudo- exhilaration of listening to the Kadarshans or shouting in ecstatic jubilation as we hear and worship at the shrine of ''America's Got Talent ''contestants or any of the several master shows that rival studios have  cooked up for our tasting.We live for'' the performance'' and forget our own performance at the job or at home.We have become mere spectators in the theatre of life.We commend the actors on their splendid stage craft  but forget our own shortcomings,our inadequacies and dysfunctions.

And then America's gun culture has finally caught up with her as now,with alarming regularity ,people and even children,are being massacred across the spectrum of the American landscape in a bizarre replication of some Wild West scene.Yes,the world has come a long way since the days Henry Ford  started the car company and the Wright brothers started the flying revolution.True ,this was before my time,but I like to remember the world as it was then.