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67 Minutes

Hey,this is not a TV show on CNN,or the BBC,

Or one of the global stations. 67 minutes 

Are really 67 years of my  severe struggle

To help dismantle the evil apartheid

That plagued South Africa,my homeland.


My name is Madiba or just Mandela,

And this is my story.I did not walk the 

Easy path for destiny chose me a rocky road-

One that caused my heart to bleed daily.


67 minutes can change your country---

67 minutes can change the world even

67 minutes can inspire every youth

To put down the sword of destruction,

And take up the mantle of leadership,

Put down slothfulness 

And put on the cloak of productivity.


Hey,my name is Madiba or just Mandela,

And 67 minutes can be a metaphor for change!

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Madiba,Happy birthday

Madiba,the icon turns 95 today.