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How many steps?

They say on a normal day a person should be taking 10'000 steps. Im guessing by the end of the week, not only would we be super fit and healthy, we would also be tired and achy haha. Or would we? Over a year this would equate to 3650'000 steps.

I would propose a challenge to people, if they had to walk 3650'000 steps and knew that it would take them 12 months to complete, hitting objections and further challenges along the way and at the end they were guaranteed to achieve or recieve something of their own desire or wanting. Then how many people would put one foot forward and embark on the journey?

Some would love it and see ahead as to what could be theirs, others would sit back with a view of "oooh no I couldn't do that"

You see I feel it is all about attitude and the vision to see further than what is infront of you. We already walk many of these steps and hitting objections and challenges every day of our lives. No, we are not guaranteed to achieve or recieve something we desire but every foot forward is one step closer and by choosing the positive attitude and telling yourself you can do this then you are creating your desire.

How many steps would you walk to create your own world?