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A party without crisps

The mere fact that my fingers have been enaged into writing at this very moment is purely a distraction method.

Inside my body there is a craving going on, having a party within me, taunting me into submission.

 It will be a party WITHOUT crisps.

The cupboard has some lurking around in there, not really the most enticing of varieties, but still they are crisps and they appear to have a slient call sign, however they appear to be calling me, LOUDLY!

Why do we have these cravings? How dare they interrupt our thought patterns. Lifetime on the hips is the devils advocate thought currently underway, explaining that the party will still survive without ccccrrriissssps....there back to it again, I NEED them. I can see them in my mind, my tastebuds are experiencing imaginary snippets of flavour which in turn produces droplets of saliva.

In the same way as I am writing to keep my digits happy, my feet are now up on the couch and I have made myself comfortable, surely it would be too much effort to move and walk?

Music channels are my 3rd distraction choice, a feel good factor as music is a major passion within me, looking at the airbrushed and gorgeous sun kissed figures on the music videos must now be enough to take my mind away?

I am loving the visions of a body that could be mine, a focus and deliberate intention of thought. I will go running, I will dance I will beat these pesky calorific cravings, feelings of conquering the cravings

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I give up

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Chocolate calls me too

Hi Em,

What a great piece - loved it. Its the crisps that call you from the back of the cupboard - I find that it's chocolate that talks to me...

I do love to hear from the chocolate - no other voice has the same velvety, smooth, rich tone.