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Life is full of everyday things that we take for granted, such as the fact that we can flick a switch and have light, turn on the tap and have the joy of clean water to keep us hydrated. And to wash ourselves. All things that are there and do we really sit and think about how they got there, do we...
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So it appears that I have spent the best part of my day communicating with many people. Friends, mainly, some who like to think they are my friend but are merely just an aquaintance of life or social network wonderment. Then there are customers, this is the part where I had to leave behind the...
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The mere fact that my fingers have been enaged into writing at this very moment is purely a distraction method. Inside my body there is a craving going on, having a party within me, taunting me into submission.  It will be a party WITHOUT crisps. The cupboard has some lurking around in there, not...
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Being a child is one of the many things I would like to go back to just for a day. Such a great sense of freedom and no concept of the world as we know it as adults. Naivety in accordance with the political world. We often wish for different things and know deep down they will never come true, such...
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Only a cup of tea would do as I got home from work, there is only so much vending machine coffee you can take within a few hours before you start to shake and feel as high as a kite!  No milk, the only thing sitting in the well of the fridge was a plastic bottle with about an inch of diet coke, no...
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They say on a normal day a person should be taking 10'000 steps. Im guessing by the end of the week, not only would we be super fit and healthy, we would also be tired and achy haha. Or would we? Over a year this would equate to 3650'000 steps. I would propose a challenge to people, if they had to...
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