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Starting Fresh/Christmas

     I used this blog before maybe once, twice a month. I wanted to be dedicated and write every day, but well...I got sidetracked? SO! I'm now starting over. Yay! ^_^

     So, my best friend's birthday was in September, it's now Christmas. I'm writing her a book; it's so much harder then you would think. It's about her life; the guy she's in love with, the one who she pretends not to be in love with, as well.

     I've only got two chapters, and I've been working hard for a while. When I say working hard, I mean not sleeping on school nights editing and writing. All for her!

     I'm thinking of uploading it on here later, possibly..I'm not sure if I really want people reading this, it may suck very much. I'm sending it to my other friend, Carrie, and shes telling me it's good. (Who knows though, she may be sparing my feelings, haha.)

     Well, since it's Christmas, and I'm not at home; I'm on my new Nook (Thank you parental-units!)  at my family's (..or...is it families?) house I think I'm going to go.


                             So,  Bonjour fellow Earthlings! Merry Christmas!