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Sickly In The Hospital

     I'm sick in the hospital with a serious asthma attack today. It majorly sucks, and even though I've been busy and haven't blogged in a while I thought you might like to know what's been going on. Recently our school has been busy with play practice and such, and I'm in the play. The play were doing this year is a twist on Romeo and Juliet- a  hillbilly twist! The title of the actual play is "A HeeHaw Hayride" and in the play I'm one of the teenages from Lonesome Polecat, my name    is Grace. We're mean to Juliet and her friend Ruby, and extremely jealous.

     So on the medical update, the hospital is going to keep me until tomorrow morning (Sunday) and then tomorrow I have to go to play dress rehersal/videoing. I'm kind of a little bit stressed-you guys can relate I'm sure. I'm nervous because we're doing a musical, and there are no musicals without dance, DUH! So in turn with that, I have to dance wildly and sing loudly. (My only hope is that I'll be okay enough where they don't have to call an ambulance on me, how embarrassing.)

     There is an IV in my arm right now, and it's making it a bit difficult to type. It stinks because I'm not a a drip, so basically there is just a needle stuck in my arm then when it's time for my 6-hourly-meds they screw the siringes into my arm and, well, yeah. It hurts. I'm gonna sign off for now, I may post later, I'm guessing I won't get much sleep tonight.

Much Love,

Emmi. <3