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Edmonton Area
Jun 2010

My writing is a raw and honest expression of who I am. My first book "Butterfly Woman" was released for the purpose of connecting readers to the frailty and beauty of the human spirit. A raw tale of my struggle to evolve as a woman; I challenge others to let go the pain of the past and be set free.


Maya Angelou & All of the Classic Authors who shaped literature.

Upcoming Works

A Non-Fiction project for children/youth. Topic is TOP SECRET. I am also brainstorming an epic fiction novel series.

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Trafford Publishing

Interests & Hobbies

Songwriting on the guitar and singing make my soul soar. When a song comes to me it is quick and flows out of my pen instantly. My career as a mural artist supported my ten year writing process and the cost of publishing/marketing my first book. Without the Arts the world would lose it's heartbeat.