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We have dialogue! Notes from Chapter three

Haha! We have dialogue. I wrote the scene between Sofia and George before finishing Chapter Two, and it's much stronger on character development. Yay! Characters who are actually funny and witty. Well, they made me laugh, so hopefully it's funny outside of my head too. I love Sofia. May she drink scotch and smoke cigars forever! I want to go back and describe Sofia's bar/immortal casino more, but I must forge on! I wrote 2803 words today. Huzzah!

My current NaNoWriMo total is 6941 words.

As it turns out, the name for my main character, George, just popped into my head a month ago. I didn't really like the name, and I was going to change it until I looked it up and the name means "farmer". At the beginning of the novel, George is leaving his life as a farmer. Well I can't fight serendipity, so George he remains. Maybe he is Mad King George.