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Sandy has come and gone, and while she visited Vero Beach she rearranged sand and assisted in a few home renovations.  Today's prize as we walked on the beach was an intact set of steps. To where? Who knows? We were more or less hoping for some pieces of eight from one of the Spanish...
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Recently Copyblogger featured an article guaranteed to catch my eye: 8 Strange Rituals of Very Productive Writers.  Seventy novels later I guess I think of myself as productive and possibly quite strange. So, of course, I had to find out what odd and amazing things my fellow...
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--original blog post 11/11/11-- Picture this:  You’ve splurged on a hefty hardcover you know you’ll spend weeks reading.  You’ve given the bookstore your hard-earned cash because you expect the author to keep his/her unspoken promise.  Within these pages a story will unfold, one so...
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Galen McGee, peakdefinition.com
--original blog post 11/4/11-- This week was a milestone in my career.  I turned in One Mountain Away, which is the first in the Goddesses Anonymous series set in Asheville, North Carolina.   Wherever you live, I’m sure you heard the cheers. One Mountain Away is scheduled to come out...
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I just got off the telephone with Amazon.  My life work this week has been to track down a package I ordered.  I had to find out why it arrived in town but was  never delivered to me.  Unfortunately Amazon and all the carriers involved have kept an excruciatingly painful...
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daily news.png
  Okay, who remembers Tom Paxton?  Remember his song Daily News?  “Daily news, daily blues, pick up a copy every time you choose.  Seven little pennies in the newsboy’s hand. . .“  Seven little pennies?  Newsboy?  How old is this song, anyway? Apparently it’s this...
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Frustrated Inspiration
I can count on two questions from any Q & A session.  The first?  Where do I get my ideas?  The second is whether I’ve ever suffered from writer’s block. I’ll confess I used to snicker whenever I answered this one.  “Not me, thanks.  If I’m stuck I just keep working until I’m not stuck anymore...
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  I spent yesterday searching for hidden objects.  What time I didn’t spend with nose to ground–a skill I learned from the local beagle–I spent watching half the appliances in my house fall apart.  Ah, some people look for signs of changing seasons, colored leaves gently drifting to the ground,...
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HBO's Treme
The subject of this blog?  Oddly enough, not the reviews for Fortunate Harbor.  Yes, the book’s out now, and yes there have been lots of reviews, the vast majority, I’m happy to say, good ones like this from Publishers Weekly: “A juicy, sprawling beach read with a suspenseful twist. . .”  Or this...
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   My friend Diane Chamberlain made a terrifying discovery a couple of weeks ago.  Somehow, through no fault of her own, one of her minor characters, Sam, began showing up in the strangest places in her novel.  At the beginning of sentences instead of the word "but."  In scenes with other...
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There are people out there (and you know who you are) who live to catch errors on the printed page.  As obsessed as I am with making sure there are none, I still hear from this sacred sisterhood from time to time.  "Don't I know that people "pore" over the printed page, not pour?...
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Approaching tornado
Never one to blog on somebody else's topic , I nearly ignored Red Room's request that today I, along with their other authors, blog about The Wizard of Oz. As I was moving on to another email, the subject finally leapt out at me. The Wizard of Oz. The Oz books. The fantasy life that very likely...
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Waste not, want not.  In this time of scarcity, anxiety and making do, I recently felt compelled to use something I have in abundance.  I bet you have it, too.  That's right.  Spam.  And not the kind that comes from Hormel. Maybe I have too much time to think, or maybe some of the hilarious subject...
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I have a new book about to land on bookshelves. In fact, despite a pub date of July 1st, Happiness Key is already being sold at online booksellers and in a number of stores. Beside the fact that this can impact an appearance on bestseller lists, it just speeds up a timetable already much too short...
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Never having owned a beagle, when people asked if puppy Nemo had found his voice, I found the question odd. Yes, Nemo growled, and barked--or something that passed for one. And sometimes, Nemo even howled. This last was charming, a serenade similar to the one our Australian Shepherd used to warble...
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