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Mill Valley, CA
Yes, to a fabulous man.
Apr 2008

I've made my living off crime for several years now.  A former public defender turned law professor, I've defended individuals charged with crime ranging from petty theft to homicide and spent enough time inside jail cells to qualify for serving a sentence for burglary.  Now I write about crime and humor pieces to lighten the load.  My first play, about a lawyer whose client persuades her he's holding her hostage, Jailhouse Conversion, was staged in 2008 & 2009 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I'm nearly finished with my first novel about a lawyer who represents a spiritual teacher in a murder trial.  My website is ellenswainveen.com.  Do you like Twitter?  Find me @ellensv

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Food - cooking it, eating it, enjoying the fruits of someone else's fine efforts.

Mountain biking, yoga, hiking, road biking, scuba diving, swimming, skiing, traveling, petting my cats, day dreaming, reading.