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People Never Cease to Amaze Me

As is probably the case with most writers, I get mail from my readers.  Fortunately, mine has been overwhelmingly favorable. 

The only "hate" mail I've gotten has been from so-called upper class women in Jordan and activists in the region (there is overlap and cross fertilization between these two groups).  When I first started working on dishonor killings, I thought they would be my natural allies.  Well, I was wrong.  :-(

My "fan" mail comes more-or-less equally from both genders, which is really quite heartening.  I just received a message from a male university student who'd read Reclaiming Honor in Jordan as background for a paper he wrote for a human rights course.  He just wanted to express his appreciation for my work.  It makes my day to know there are young men out there learning about these crimes and taking an interest.  

And somebody's parents did a wonderful job in raising a son who cares about the world he inhabits and takes the time to express his thanks to someone who's gone before him.  It gives me hope for this world. 

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On what planet are those

On what planet are those women living?

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One that shows more

One that shows more compassion for the perpetrators than the victims, it seems.