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One Step Forward, One Step Back

I've blogged about the January 2008 dishonor killings of the beautiful and promising Said sisters, Amina and Sarah, in suburban Dallas (http://www.redroom.com/galleryimage/amina-18-and-sarah-17-said-usa).

Last month the FBI, in a wanted poster of the prime suspect, the girls' father, Yaser Abdel Said (http://www.redroom.com/galleryimage/yaser-abdel-said-50-usa), finally called this crime what it obviously is (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,437502,00.html).  Days later, it backtracked and removed the label "honor killing" from the poster (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,442723,00.html).

How will these crimes ever be properly addressed if people can't even call them what they are?

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Maybe this is not connected but it's just to say that I left a comment at the blog "votre père est mort".

By the way,do you speak french?


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Seulement un peu.  Mais je

Seulement un peu.  Mais je pense que vous parlez très bien français, n'est-ce pas?

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Two good....

Two well constructed sentences!very encouraging.I think It's high time you made some further steps in this language.I can help.So you can read my novels in French.



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Thanks, Hammoudi! 

Thanks, Hammoudi!  Actually, I can read French fairly well and have read a few books in that language. . .some Victor Hugo, some books on art, a translation of one of Armistead Maupin's books into French.  I lived in Paris for a while and visit fairly often, so that always helps.  But I think I've possibly tortured a few French and Moroccan people in my day in my attempts to communicate.  :-)  Never been to Algeria, though. . .hope to visit that and Tunisia.  Maybe even Libya.  Un jour, j'espere.

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 I can send you one of my books in French if you want.Just contact me.

Visiter l'Algérie,et pourquoi pas?



PS By the way have you watched one of my videos?I recommend "The 9/11 syndrome".Enjoy

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I've responded by e-mail,

I've responded by e-mail, Hammoudi.  Thanks!  :-)