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Eid Mubarak!
Sighting the Crescent Moon in Jordan

Today is the first day of Eid al-Fitr in Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim countries where the new moon has been sighted, marking the beginning of the lunar month of Shawwal and the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Last year I blogged about how the holiday is celebrated, but there are also some more personal accounts here.

Eid Mubarak (English translation:  happy Eid) to my observant Muslim friends.  Hombre, please go easy on the heavy meals until your stomach is acclimated to a regular diet.  :-)

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Thanks Ellen

Got the message.Wherever you go ,you are offered cakes.All kind of cakes.You can see more cakes than people outside.



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Yum!  I'm struck by how

Yum!  I'm struck by how much these look like the sweets I saw in the souks of Morocco, Hombre.  Do the north African countries have these in common?  Or is it the French influence?  They look like colorful petits fours to me.

Did Eid come to Algeria on Sunday. . .or was it yesterday for you?

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They are common to North African countries.In Algeria Eid was on Sunday like you mentioned in other islamic and Arabic countries.So Eid Moubarek to you too.

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Mares, if you want to get

Mares, if you want to get into some baking and send these to me, I'll be a happy, happy girl.  :-)  (And chubby!)

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How about the low-fat

How about the low-fat version!

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Yes, and if you can, remove

Yes, and if you can, remove the calories, too!

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Oh, look at those candies...

Oh, look at those candies... Hombre, be good to us and post a recipe...

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I think some of the

I think some of the tan-colored ones are the baklava-style pastries common throughout the Mediterranean.  But the pink and the green and the multi-hued ones. . .not so sure what the ingredients might be, other than lots and lots of sugar.

Like your latest RR photo, Lu. 


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Sounds and looks like a

Sounds and looks like a lavish celebration, Ellen. Go easy on the sweets. Or maybe not!:)

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Id Mubarak

Id Mubarak to you Ell, and all redroom friends.

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Ellen, Congratulation. Now


Congratulation. Now it's a party time!
What was the hardest thing and date for you during the Ramadan?


Those sweets are colorful. It must be hard for cooks to bake those delicious looking pastries if their stomacks were empty.

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Well,there is an ad about cars that says"Drive it to appreciate it!".I felt very light and balanced.No problem during the whole month.Even now after the end of Ramadan I still eat and drink moderately.I did not want to lose the benefit I gathered during this month:losing the extra fat.

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How much weight did you

How much weight did you lose, Hombre?

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Thanks, Dr. Jitu and Keiko.

Thanks, Dr. Jitu and Keiko. . .but I don't observe Ramadan, so I didn't sacrifice a thing.