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One good reason to vote NO on Prop. 8 (which would take away the right that gay men and lesbians now have to marry in the state of California) is that it’s putting an enormous amount of pressure on some of us to get married before election day in November, in order that we might be “grandfathered...
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I am part of a loose network of published women writers. Lately, we’ve been discussing whether to discuss politics, and if the answer is no, in general, is this election and this particular historical moment too important–should we make an exception? In debating this point, the NEA has come up as...
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It’s a gorgeous, sunny day and we just got back from the Berkeley Farmers’ Markey. Today the park there was also hosting the Berkeley Old Time Music Convention, which meant kids and old people and everyone out there fiddling and singing and wearing odd costumes, whilst people in booths sold hemp...
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Writing about writing can be as racy as the next blog-worthy topic. Hey, I weave in cute stories about my kids and moving tributes to my past and even some political panic. (Okay, political panic is only the subtext. See if you can pick it out.) So: you meet a friend for coffee. You chat, have a...
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Lately I’ve been reading a lot of board books. You know, the square-ish kind with thick, cardboard pages. Goodnight, Moon and Bert’s Bedtime Story and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I read them aloud, of course, and Leo and Charlie take turns (more or less) turning the pages. Very often, they turn two or...
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In raising two lovely little boys, I have been thinking a lot about praise. People and books offer all sorts of advice about how to raise children, and one suggestion is that parents praise effort and persistence, rather than simply the child’s existence. Obviously, the idea is that if you reward...
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A long time ago, a friend of mine was getting married in an empire waist dress with a garland of flowers in her hair. She asked me if I thought her wedding choices were silly. I told her that your wedding is like your bedroom: it only needs to feel right to you (and your spouse). So what about a...
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So I've been having a blast blogging over at http://www.elizabethstark.com  on the above topics. I'd love your thoughts. Come on by for a visit. Stay and chat.  xo, Elizabeth 
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So here's the thing: I've just started blogging for the first time ever, at my home site  http://www.elizabethstark.com  and I do hope you'll visit me there.  I grew up living in two houses--my mother's on the "wrong side of the tracks" and my father's up in the hills--and I think it will...
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