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Writing Craft Master Class

Dear Authors,

I am currently teaching several sections of a writing craft class based on some techniques that transformed my own writing post-publication of my first novel, post-M.F.A., and post-years of teaching. It’s pretty powerful work, based on ancient rhetorical strategies for learning how to wield words.

I have one section that already has a couple of authors with at least one published (not self-published) book, and several people just departed, so I’ve decided to turn that section into one that is specifically for published authors--with at least one book or the equivalent. The combination of powerful exercises based on a range of strong published work (during which you actually write) and the opportunity to hear other good writers read their new words in the class should be mightily effective. I also “spot” writers to hurtle higher bars—to take bigger risks and to feel the pleasure and possibilities of flight that exist in their own words.

I have four spaces open. This is an online, live video conference. This means that it is both face-to-face learning and you do it from your own home. The format is surprisingly personable, with people who've only met online ending up real life friends who visit each other across state lines. And we also include goal setting each week, which powers people through to success at high levels.

Anyone who would love NOT to be the teacher, to get support, inspiration, a big writing boost, is welcome to come visit the class for free to check it out some time over the next few weeks. I’ll be signing up these visits on a space-available basis, so please hit reply and email me now and let me know you’d like to come.

The class meets Thursdays, 10 a.m. to noon Pacific time/ 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Eastern. Visit August 2, 9 or 16. I do offer other online sections if this time doesn't work for you, or if, once enrolled, you need to miss a class and do a make-up class that week or another week during the session.

Below this email is a student's description of the course, and here's a link to more information on the Book Writing World web site: http://bookwritingworld.com/work-with-me/writingcraft/

And please pass this along to your friends with at least one published book or the equivalent.



Elizabeth Stark
Write prolific, brilliant prose.

A student’s description of the class:

“Zero in on brush strokes, in the way an art student might examine, and therefore learn from, an impressionistic painting: what blending of light and dark was done for this slipper? for this bit of shoreline?

"Each week we study and imitate a published paragraph, classic author or contemporary, short story anthology or novel, and take a look at what is being done. How two characters in the midst of an argument might react to a third person entering the room, how memory might inform a decision, the point of resolution, what elements come into play when a character finds illumination.

"We write for a few minutes, then read our own paragraphs aloud to Elizabeth’s razor sharp (and very supportive) feedback. Even if I don’t write all week, I am ‘forced’ to write [in class] and find that regardless of what kind of project I am currently working on, the words I get on paper in class contribute. Some of us are writing short stories, others novels, others nothing in particular. There are no rules, just illumination and exploration!”

— Christine O’Brien