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It's A Wonderful Life

I just spoke with my grandfather, Forest Montgomery, who will turn 90 years old in January.  Tomorrow will be the 70th wedding anniversary for him and my grandmother, Alice.

Grandpa goes by "Frosty", and when I was in middle school, as we were preparing for Grandparent's Day, each student went around the room and told our grandparent's names.  I said, "My grandpa's name is Frosty and my grandma is Alice."  Ms. Eckrich, the music teacher, was adamant that Frosty was not my grandfather's name, it couldn't be! I was outraged! That was my grandpa! I couldn't wait for him to come to grandparent's day and introduce himself to Ms. Eckrich.

Grandpa always asks about my chickens, and today he asked if I had a 'banty' (a bantam breed). I do, and her name is Bobbi.  She's the only banty hen I've got out of 7.  

"Well, you should think of getting a banty rooster for her.  No one should go through life alone."

I explained that I used to have 2 roosters, one of which we thought Bobbi might be fond of.  I, for one, was not at all fond of roosters.  They weren't with us too long, those roosters.  I told Grandpa I would look into getting another banty this spring when the farm store is alive with the sounds of peep-peep-peeps! and baby animals of all kinds.

"Have you thought of getting a sheep, Lizzy? You should get a sheep maybe...."

"A sheep? What for?"

"Oh, to look after the flock, they'll take care of things..."

I mentioned maybe a goat? And he said that would work, too.

"You know what I really want, Grandpa?"

"What's that, Lizzy?"

"A horse."

"Oh! I...I miss my horse, Lizzy. I loved that horse....I would whistle or call for him and he'd come runnin'...I mean full speed! I always thought he was gonna knock me over, he'd run full speed straight at me. But he always put on the brakes! And he loved mud.  Man, he loved mud. His name was Tex."

"I've heard that you need to get two horses, so they're not lonely."

"Oh, yes, Lizzy, just like everything, you always want to get two, so they never feel alone."

Like two peas in a pod, two banty's in a pen, two horses in a field, Frosty and Alice have had and continue to have a wonderful life.  I'm grateful for their history, and I'm blessed to be a part of their future. 

Happy Anniversary, Grandpa and Grandma. I love you.