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Sometimes I forget that there is really only one story and that we are all either telling it or listening to it, the story that has loss or near-disaster somewhere in the beginning or middle, maybe it brings us to tears or to our knees, maybe we are overcome by a deluge of water or sorrow, maybe...
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Blue Nude in paperback Sept. 2010
  For several years in the 1990s, I participated in a project called Acts of Reconciliation, created by drama therapist Armand Volkas, a son of Auschwitz survivors. Volkas brought together descendants of Holocaust survivors, like me, with descendants of Nazis, gathering us to exchange stories and...
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Fill your suitcase with black.  Tell your mother you're on the way. And when she says, Are you coming to see me kick the bucket? say, I'm coming to see you kick it across the room.  Later, when you remember the last time, when she said she would never see you again, tell yourself there was no way...
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The Speed of Light
1st BOOKS: STORIES OF HOW WRITERS GET STARTED Novelist Elizabeth Rosner and Editor Dan Smetanka on Publishing The Speed of Light September 24th, 2008 by Meg Waite Clayton   I’m so delighted this week to welcome an author-editor duo: bestselling novelist, poet, and essayist Elizabeth Rosner, and Dan...
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