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Elizabeth Harper's Weekly ColorScope Oracle

Welcome to Your ColorScope, a uniquely revealing oracle created by Elizabeth Harper http://www.sealedwithlove.com

This week’s ColorScope contains the 2nd Question to Week 8 of the 2011 Prize Draw (Question 1. is in my newsletter). When you have the answers to both questions go to the Prize Draw page on my website to enter to win a prize - http://www.sealedwithlove.com/prizedraw

This week’s ColorScope reflects on 3 colors from the book project title my friend and ColorScope column publisher Linda Joy is working on. So, intuitively select one of the following colors - AMETHYST, OLIVE or CRYSTAL WHITE - then watch the video for colorisciously intuitive insights into your week ahead and ways to use color to enhance your life.

Remember that you can share the ColorScope video on your Facebook wall with your friends, download a podcast from iTunes, and access the interactive 12-color version of my ColorScope on my website http://www.sealedwithlove.com. And if that isn’t enough, you can listen to my Color Tips on Sharina’s Psychic Encounters Show every Sunday morning at 7.20am EST on Australian national radio and Sunday evenings on the Leave it to Cleaver Show at 8.20pm EST.