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Married to writer/producer/director/voice over artist Josh Lebowitz
Jan 2008

Elizabeth Ferber has been a freelance writer for over two decades. Her published works include biographies of Yasir Arafat and Stephen Spielberg, health-related titles on Bipolar Disorder and Adoption, and the novel "Soon Found, Soon Lost." Ferber has contributed to dozens of publications including The New York Times Book Review, New York Magazine, and the San Francisco Review of Books. After living in New York City, London, and Sydney, Australia, she currently lives and works in the Bay Area and Tremont, Maine. She made her debut as a stand up comedian in 2008. For more information about her work, please visit her website: www.elizabethferber.com.

Upcoming Works

Elizabeth Ferber is working on several writing and comedy projects. More information to follow.

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