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Not only that,
two-week turnaround!

That means we'll return
our coverage & script to you
within two weeks
after we receive it.

Mermaid7seas Productions, an enthusiastic Moondance International Film Festival sponsor*, now offers reading services, critiques, coverage and edits to all Moondance screenwriters & filmmakers, other writers and to production companies and agencies, at a special discount price! 

Focusing on the elements crucial to creating a compelling and readable script, or a winning, marketable film, our helpful comments will allow you to concentrate on solving the problems that will make your material move toward receiving a CONSIDER or a RECOMMENDED from a studio or prodco reader, and will assist in advancing your script or film up toward WINNER in screenwriting competitions & film festivals. An advantage of this low-cost critique service is that we will help you prepare your screenplay before sending it to producers, agents, managers and others who may have requested it.

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*Mermaid7seas Productions annually produces the Moondance International Film Festival.