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The Great Flood Without Noah’s Ark

      A harrowing experience Filipinos would never forget – a great flood of epic proportions that swept down almost all thorough fares of Manila and nearby provinces, far stronger and mighty since 1967. Thousands were left homeless, billions of pesos of properties damaged, hundreds maybe are still missing and some lost lives.

     I live in a higher place, Antipolo City, above Metro Manila but even we, experienced his slash with waters entering our houses with all those unceasing rainfalls that created leaks in our roofs and flooded our streets caused by an overflowing river a few steps away from us.

    Got my own share of many stories of grief and terrifying innuendoes of survivors from this catastrophic typhoon – a killer and destroyer typhoon who left an aftermath of destroyed dreams, wasted lives and false hopes.

    Spine tingling, goose bumps all over your skin while watching footages of calamity areas – houses buried in thick mud caused by landslides, cars, trees, animals and human bodies floating in what we can call a vast ocean of water that covered almost all areas. People with no places to go left on the roofs hanging onto their dear lives with the hope of rescuers in sight. Even celebrities were not spared by the angst-filled “Ondoy”, pleading for help on air for some were still left stranded on the roofs with their families while others are trapped inside their houses with no way to get out, water filling their homes and damaging their precious properties and investments. The rich and poor are all victims of this great flood but it is during these circumstances that Filipinos cooperate and relive the old tradition of “bayanihan”, helping one another through troubled times. We Filipinos are resilient people and no matter what great natural disaster befalls us, we still manage to plaster smiles on our faces and extend a helping hand to our fellowmen in need – no rich, no poor, no famous, no lowly. The great flood we have experienced without Noah’s ark to save us – is it nature’s way of awakening us what great damage we have done to our environment that we are now reaping the consequences of our own negligence or God’s way of telling us we need to repent now and change our ways?