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Picture this: Obama and Steven Colbert and other distinguished writers/authors as my co-bloggers. Who would think I could possibly “rub elbows” online with these famous personalities, best selling book authors, film makers ? I have already requested President Obama if we could be neighbors in Red Room and I do hope he approves it!

       I am just an ordinary Feature Writer but I found my place in a blogging website, Redroom – Where the Writers Are one fateful November day of 2008  and it has been quite a long fruitful and joyful ride as I blog away about any subject under the sun.

       During periods of idle time and my mind is not that cluttered with too much worries, pressures and stress, I find myself doodling away ideas that come out of the blue almost about every possible thing one can conceive of. I found my world in the blogosphere through Red Room, one writer’s website where I came across with different writers and authors of all writing genres from all over the world. And it is truly a wonderful experience to connect with co-writers globally as we become friends and stay connected through the website. It’s though you’ve found your “home” where you could be your true self, no pretensions and anonymity, just your desire to be heard and express yourself in a world you call your sanctuary. I gained insights from my co-bloggers and have somewhat “spoken” to them through the comments they’ve posted about some of the blogs I have written. And I should say I do appreciate their positive remarks and they are not just ordinary bloggers but established professionals in their field of writing. Opening my member page everyday and checking on my dashboards to see my statistics and know how many have actually read my entries is an exciting routine to do. Reading the latest blogs also refreshes my mind and I do gain advices on how I could still improve my craft, get a peak into each bloggers lives as they write down topics that concern not only them but other people as well.

        Red Room is not just about blogging but you can find the latest books published by your co-writers and you get a sneak preview of what is the book about. There are also podcasts, videos, published articles, stories, poems of all genres. Indeed it is exciting to read all the entries by these famous personalities. I have so much to be thankful for the day I became a member of this writer’s website. What’s really wonderful to learn is that so far I’ve received positive feedbacks about my blogs! It is truly an ego-booster to know that other writers like me from other countries do recognize and appreciate my works and that has given me much more confidence and belief in myself as a wordsmith and will continue to doodle and blog away as long as I live!

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We're glad to have you

Thanks so much for writing this endorsement of Red Room, Elizabeth. I'm very happy to read that "you've found your place" here...that's such a lovely, simple way of putting it.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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It's my honor to be one of

It's my honor to be one of your members here.Thank you for your appreciation also.More power to Red Room!