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Doomsday Flicks Craze

    The streets of LA rolling like giant waves, St. Peter’s Basilica crumbling, the Eiffel Tower and the statue of Christ in Rio falling. These are just some of the scenes in disaster films people love to watch despite waiting inline for what seems like forever just to get tickets.

    Who wouldn’t know these blockbusters: Independence Day, Deep Impact, Armageddon, Day after Tomorrow? Why are we so much into end-of-the-world themes? We can’t say we’re anticipating the time for it’s quite odd to wait for something when we know it would mean end of everything, precious lives, tons of wealth, wonderful friends and family and what have you.  Seems that moviegoers can’t get enough of these flicks.

     I admit I’m one certified crazy-over-doomsday themes, must be the intrigue that goes with it of what might happen during that day and the thrill of watching spectacular scenes, thanks to special effects with matching surround sound systems in cinemas. For these kinds of movies, it is but advisable to view them on the big screen, to see the full view of the larger than life destruction scenes and tragedies befalling mankind on that fateful day.

     The newest film that hit theatres worldwide by storm was 2012, from director/writer/producer Roland Emerich, dubbed as the king of disaster flicks, the same person who brought us  box-office hits like Independence Day and Day after Tomorrow.

     The movie is an interpretation of the end of the Mayan calendar as the end of the world as brought about by solar flares heating up the earth’s core creating crustal displacement and polar shifts. 2012 being an important year for the Mayans although it predicts or not the end of the world is still open for debate.

     Ever wondered why the Hollywood executives didn’t release the movie on the exact date of the end of human race, December 21, 2012, as predicted by the Mayan calendar?

     Maybe they were thinking that would just bring trouble or people would hesitate to watch it on the “day” itself. As described by first time viewers, expect hair-raising sequences and hold-your-breath scenes in graphic details. It’s rather long too lasting 2 hrs and 40 minutes but you won’t notice the time you’ve spent on your comfy seat until the final dragging scenes.

     Well just enjoy the ride with your friends as you hold unto your seats, share a bucket of cheesy popcorn and drinks on hand and munch your way through the end of the film. Much more doomsday flicks coming our way

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End of the world as we know it

Hi there Elizabeth,

I hope all is well with you? I like the occasional flick like this, I think the reason they are popular, apart from the astounding special effects, is that it probably has a lot to do with normal people facing and surviving impossible odds before getting a second chance at life from a new beginning. There's a huge feel-good factor in them. I don't tend to analyse films like this, I just go with the flow, but you asked the open question and here's just one possible answer. :)

Wishing you the best, as always.

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I'm doing good Ryoma, thanks!Thanks for your comment here.Yes, people also feel their adrenaline's rushing once they see the disaster scenes in these films. And yes as you said, we tend to feel good about ourselves when we watch the characters cheat death and survive triumphantly in any obstacles especially catastrophes. Thanks for always taking time to read my posts here. Wish you luck also! See you around!

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Thanks for posting!

Thanks for continuing to post here, Elizabeth. I've always loved your blogs from the moment I joined RR. You were missed when you were otherwise occupied for a while and I was very pleased to see you when you came back. :)

I'm very glad to hear that all is well. See you around!