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4 Months With Mon Cheri
Love Hearts


   They say fairytales aren’t true…they’re mere fantasies and by-products of our childhood memories of fairies, prince and princesses…but what makes our love magical?

    For out of the billions and billions of people in this world, destiny has chosen us to be one…to have a true love transcending distance, race, beliefs and others…

    It just happened one day in April both of us feeling lonely, with me nursing a broken heart. He came along like a ray of sunlight lighting my darkest days of disbelief that there could still be a TRUE LOVE that awaits me…at a time I lost all hopes in finding the ONE…because of failed relationships and disillusions caused by myself and other people from my past that is long forgotten…

    Just the like the song “Didn’t Know I was Looking For Love, ‘Til I Found You”, I found and cherished mon cheri! Like any other couple, we do have misunderstandings, experience ups and downs but we don’t let these cloud our love – we continue to hold on and believe we’ll be finally together very soon…

    Unconventional set-up some would say – some also might not believe a “relationship” is not possible for two people who aren’t together – but to those few folks who raise their eyebrows over this – IT CAN HAPPEN ! You might not know this for you haven’t experience it yet in your lifetime cause your notion of love is being with the object of your affection physically. But for us love isn’t like that – it’s beyond the physical, it’s how your hearts understand each other, how you make the other person feel your love for them that matters and you both know that you’re not playing games. To feel a love that is growing over time even across the miles. Our love is real and we chose to keep it no matter what others say…

      Being with mon cheri is one thing that gives me happiness, inspiration and hope for good things to come our way – for our future together.

      He is one beautiful thing that has ever happened to me and I consider him a gift from the heavens. My ray of light, knight in shining armor, my care bear and superman rolled into one. Cupids arrow must have hit us hard to feel this way towards each other.


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It can, and does happen!

I am so pleased to see your blog, Elizabeth. I am so happy that I have no words to describe it. I hope you'll accept my most sincere congratulations to you both.

I know of two couples who have found true love across the miles. ONe person was on the phone to me once and she sounded happy, but dazed. It's the first time I ever heard her sound that way, and then she said it, she said that she had found the ONE. The one she wanted to marry, to have children with, to spend the rest of her life with. They met online. That was a few years ago. They are one of the closest couples that I know of.

It can happen. :)

Congratulations, Elizabeth.

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Thanks Ryoma for your comment as one who is following my love story ;-).Yes, I found him and he read your comment too. Well God must have took pity on me when I cried to him a few months ago so that's why maybe He sent me someone who will love me and whom I'll love truly! God bless you and your family! See you around!

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Not pity.

I can't help feeling that true love such as the one you descibe, fated to be, would come from pity. I celebrate for you both!

See you round, Elizabeth. :)